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As a 3D character Artist, you will be part of our Art team and work closely with each department to ensure a high quality project, as an independent contractor.

You will be responsible for the creation of high quality 3D models of designed charcters based from 2D charcter concepts. You will also be responsible for the texturing and rigging of the character models that you create, as well as implementing them into the game engine.

You will be required to communicate  regularly with the project lead to ensure that tasks that have been assigned to you are being done quickly and efficiently. You are also willing to work 20 hours per week until project completion ot unless your project lead has been properly notified.
You're also passionate about gaming and all things in geekdom. You read comics everyday and you secretly don a cape and mask in order to protect the Earth from the forces of evil.

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What work as a 3D Character Artist have you done that you're most proud of?

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If you have previous work as a 3D Charatcter Artist, is there a link so that we may take a look?

Not your portfolio. Give us a link to a product or project which you worked on.
What makes you want to work at Major Games, {{answer_11210204}}?

Are you familiar with any video game engines? *

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Can you list different 3D modeling software in which you comfortable with?

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Lastly, if available, please share the link to your website portfolio.

This can give us a better idea for where your skills and abilities will be most useful.
I, {{answer_11210204}} {{answer_11210205}}, fully understand that I am applying to be an independent contractor and not a salaried employee of Major Games, Inc. *

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